Playing Opportunities and Vacancies

Looking for a place in an amateur orchestra, band or want to start up a chamber group? There are some fantastic websites to help you find an orchestra or group near you.

LAMNET – The Local Amateur Music Network

This is a free website, and after signing up you can create a profile to elaborate on your standard, playing experience, musical interests, and location.

UK Amateur Orchestras

This website is great for simply finding the location and contact details of various groups without the need to sign up or create a profile.

An off-shoot of this is the London Wind Band and Ensembles page,

Current advertised vacancies for Horn

Rochester, Kent

Crewe Concert Band

Hale Light Orchestra, near Altrincham

Heswall Concert Band, Wirrall



London (central)

If you know of a horn vacancy and would like it advertised on the BHS website, email with more details.